Silicon Valley Shogi Club

Bigsby, the Giant Osho!

Meet Bigsby. He's the mascot of our club! When COVID-19 forced our club to online-only meetings, he became a symbol for us and spread to multiple online communities - but he was born right here in Silicon Valley on 5/24/2020!

For anyone who wants to use our club assets, you're welcome to the below vector files. Bigsby never looks in any cardinal direction other than straight down, and other angles are multiples of 30 degrees. Vector images will scale to any size you need.

Other than the size, do not modify these images without permission. Similarly, do not use them for any kind of financial profit without permission.

Image Description Download
Default Eye Orientation
30° eye tilt (looking SSW)
60° eye tilt (looking WSW)
120° eye tilt (looking WNW)
150° eye tilt (looking NNW)
210° eye tilt (looking NNE)
240° eye tilt (looking ENE)
300° eye tilt (looking ESE)
330° eye tilt (looking SSE)
Dark Mode Bigsby Icon
Standard Bigsby Icon (cell background is not part of the .svg image)