Silicon Valley Shogi Club

Privacy Policy

Last updated: 2024/04/15

We will never sell or transfer private personal information about any visitor on our site. All information we collect is used solely for user experience on the site or for communication with us. We do not store any personal information collected in a database.

Silicon Valley Shogi does not require a password or registration of any kind.

When a user submits a message through the contact form, the following information is sent in an email to our club,

  • Entered name
  • Entered email address
  • Entered phone number
  • Entered message

If you wish for your data to be removed, please contact us at We will try to comply to such requests in a timely manner, though this is a manual process and can take time.

We reserve the right to alter this privacy policy at any time and without notification. All changes will be reflected on this page.